We are excited to announce that we welcome our very 1st litter of F1 Cavapoos who were welcomed into this world on April 23rd 2024.

After the past 21 years of strictly raising designer breeds, we have decided to add Cavapoos, to our line of beautiful babies.  Cavapoos match what we choose to bring more of, in this world being so very sweet, smart, and loyal…. going hand-n-hand with our loving Maltipoos. Cavapoos have even joined our beloved Maltipoo, in being on the “Top 10” most popular designer breeds here in the US.

Ask any Cavapoo owner they will say that these fur babies have won the hearts of their entire family!… Here are the top five qualities of a Cavapoo.

~ Affectionate: Cavapoos are known for their loving and affectionate nature, forming strong bonds with their families and enjoying plenty of cuddle time.

~ Gentle: These gentle dogs have a sweet temperament, making them well-suited for families with children and other pets.

~ Intelligent: Cavapoos inherit intelligence from both parent breeds, making them trainable and eager to please.

~ Adaptable: With their adaptable nature, Cavapoos can thrive in various living situations, from apartments to suburban homes, as long as they receive enough love and attention.

~ Low to Non-Shedding Coat: Many Cavapoos inherit the hypoallergenic coat of their Poodle parent, which sheds minimally and is suitable for allergy sufferers.

These litter of babies, will be ready to go to their new homes Jun 18th 2024.

We only have a few spots left on the reservation list. Placing your $500 deposit puts you at the front of the line, for top pick, to choose your bundle of love, out of two separate litters.

For more detailed do not hesitate, to call OR text Steve @ (918) 855-7811
To see featured puppies or puppies available soon, keep an eye on our Facebook page @ Maltipoo Puppies N More

All of Maltipoo Puppies N More babies are Hypoallergenic, fully Vetted, Micro-chipped, have age appropriate Vaccinations, are De-wormed regularly, come with a One-Year Health Guarantee, have 30 days of Free Pet Insurance, and their very own Puppy Care Pack to bring to their brand new homes.
Don’t forget, for any of our families on the East or West Coast, be sure to ask about, our Flight Nanny Services.